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WWF – Living Planet Report 2016

November 23, 2016

  View Blog Categories Here Express Post The latest WWF – Living Planet Report doesn’t make for happy reading. It reveals that global populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles declined by 58 per cent between 1970 and 2012. We could also witness a two-thirds decline in the half-century from 1970 to 2020!! In short, global biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate making it difficult for the survival of species – and yes this includes your own!  There is strong evidence that we’ve entered a new geological epoch shaped by human actions: “the Anthropocene”. This is defined as Earth's most recent geologic time period as being human-influenced, or anthropogenic, based on overwhelming global evidence that atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric... Continue Reading →

3 Home Made Facial Scrubs

November 19, 2016

   View Blog Categories Here Relax and spend some quality time on you! Good habits are essential in order to care for your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long. Here we have 3 home-made facial scrubs that are easy to make and that your skin will thank you for. 1   Clove & Rosemary Facial Steam Steam helps open your facial pores, making it easy to remove dirt and grime. The warm humidity increases perspiration and stimulates blood circulation. And increasing your circulation in your facial skin can help to give you a warm, colorful glow. However, if you have certain skin conditions such as rosacea or a fungal infection, then facial steaming may do more harm than good. ... Continue Reading →